Best practices for making money on rNFT

Learn about the methods of earning in Creature Racer game affiliate program

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What is rNFT?

Basically, rNFT is like your own personal invite code for Creature Racer. And if you get your buddies to play the game using your code, you’ll earn a cut of their in-game purchases. The more people you invite, the bigger your cut gets. And if you get enough people playing, you can sit back and watch the cash roll in – we’re talking serious money, like a full-on salary and beyond!

A step-by-step process on how to produce your own rNFT:

Creating your own token is so much child’s play that we can describe it in 3 steps

  1. Start registration at and until you get to step 5.
  2. Click Mint at the bottom of the page and enter the invented name for the rNFT token.
  3. Validate the operation through the Cryptocurrency wallet.

I bet you’re curious about how to use this code, right?

It’s actually super easy! All your friend has to do is pop it in at step 2 of signing up.

But that’s not all – we’re gonna sweeten the deal for your pals by giving them access to more creatures right from the get-go. Pretty cool, huh?

Then, all you gotta do is sit tight and watch the money start rolling in as your friends make purchases. And don’t forget – you’ll get a cut of every transaction!

Earning on rNFT in numbers:


1 / 24 invited




25 / 74 invited




75 / 499 invited




500 / 1500 invited




1501+ invited



Practice 1. Social Media is the way to go!

You can design a post that suits your audience’s taste and encourages them to sign up with your rNFT code. Maybe you can crack a joke and end it with a cool scene where you mention the benefits of using your code.

Just keep in mind not to spam or be too pushy as that might drive your followers away.

Practice 2. Advertising on Discord servers.

Advertising on Discord servers. But remember, don’t be too aggressive.

Find a community that you think would like the game and introduce it to them with a few lines and some gameplay pics or vids. If you know a bit about crypto, you can also discuss how it’s the future of gaming.

Lastly, add a link to register with your rNFT code and offer them a free creature.

Practice 3: Write a review of the game on your blog.

If you already have a blog with a dedicated following, you’re in luck!

Play Creature Racer and share your thoughts and experience with your readers. If you’re familiar with blockchain processes like Minting or Staking, feel free to explain that too.

Be honest, mention any negatives, and send us the article for a review. Don’t forget to add a link to register with your code and offer a free creature.

Practice 4. Create a subpage on your website.

You can describe the registration process or even share your tips and tricks to earn passive income with just your time. If you know more about NFT and staking, go ahead and share your knowledge. Remember, be creative and add your rNFT code and a link to register with a free creature.

Have fun!